Chef Miheer Shete at Curryish Tavern in Toronto. He is standing at the head of a table of eight people describing the food that they have in front of them.

John S

Review from Yelp

I participated in the Toronto tour and what a treat. I loved hearing the chef’s story and how everything evolved. His twist on traditional food bringing it local was a real treat. Definitely recommend this tour and I look forward to trying the BC tours. Thank you, Chef Miheer Shete, from Curryish Tavern

chef vikram with guests looking at the tandoor

Jodi H.

Review from TripAdvisor

Wow, this seriously was one of the most amazing experiences ever!! Environment and ambience at MyShanti; incredible food and drink; and undivided attention from the most charming vivacious man! We felt so special! From the bubbles at the start to the gifts and book signing over tea at the end, I loved every second of this Chew On This Tasty Tour experience!! 6/5 stars from!  Definitely book it!

Amy R.

Review from Google

My husband and I joined the “With The Chef” tour of Down2Earth Plant Parlour and we LOVED it. Exceptional food, awesome people, and an interesting glimpse into the inside of the business. We even walked away with an incredible swag bag full of locally made food products. Highly recommended!
Chef Vikram outside on the patio talking to his two guests for With The Chef

Sharon Q

Review from Yelp

We were very fortunate to attend Dinner with the Chef, featuring Chef Vikram Vij from My Shanti. On top of the fact that he is a legend and the food speaks for itself, the time spent in the restaurant in his company, listening to stories, checking out the kitchen made it more special!

The tour organization was great, went very smoothly and we were gifted a lovely swag bag with a cookbook and tea towel and treats.

If you weren’t aware, Vij has his own wines now and we really enjoyed the Rosé, but the white and red were also tasty.

We tried lots of different dishes. One of my faves was the chaat salad and of course the lamb chops. Chicken korma to absolutely die for! And the goat omg…

If this review hasn’t convinced you to sign up I’m not sure what you’re waiting for!

Kathryn B.

Review from TripAdvisor

The inaugural A Taste of Napoli WITH THE CHEF event was a resounding success, featuring delectable food prepared by Chef Rosangela and her family, who shared stories and memories of Italy, creating a lasting and memorable culinary experience. Many thanks to the talented Lise Hines for producing this five-star Italian long table dinner event! 


guests at the table raising a glass in cheers with the chef at capri

Roy K.

Review from Google

After my wife and her sister met Vij I wanted to experience what seemed an awesome evening. I found that Rosangela was in this program and was lucky enough to get my wish for a birthday present. Highly recommend these “with the chef” evenings. Rosangela, Daniele and Emannuel Atte treated us all to a wonderful evening with stories from their hometown in Italy. They also shared “what they eat” at home. Well I wish I lived at that home because it was plate after plate of stellar delicious foods paired with fine wines. Shared some laughs with other guests, shared some stories with this fine family who own Capri Bakery and Bistro, and had a totally memorable evening. 5 stars for with the chef and fifteen stars for the amazing Capri crew (5 stars each for all three of them that were in attendance)!!! Bellissima


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